Summit House (our first project) is a transitional housing initiative that will provide stable temporary housing, for up to two years, to young women ages 18 -22 who are aging out or who have aged out of foster care. Housing is a major need for this population, especially young women in this age bracket, who sometimes find themselves homeless and easy prey for human traffickers and drug dealers.

We believe that a person’s surroundings and the condition of those surroundings can help to shape their attitude and give them a sense of well-being, thus allowing them to pursue their dreams with confidence. We want to provide that safe place. An on-site mentor, with the help of our partners at “A Place 4 Me”, “Purple Umbrella”, and “Open Table” will work with the youth - teaching them life skills, how to secure a job, about healthcare and educational opportunities.

These current and future collaborations will insure that the young people we house will have access to every resource needed for a successful outcome.